April 10, 2009

Destination Bailey seeking tax-exempt status
Board and committees determined at March meeting

By Mike Potter
Staff Writer

Destination Bailey, the group seeking to promote and improve Bailey, is moving forward in its attempt to obtain 501(c)(3) status, enabling the organization to receive tax-exempt donations.

Frannie Bessett, the lead member of the incorporation and 501(c)(3) committee for Destination Bailey, said a number of things have to happen before the application is submitted, including incorporating Destination Bailey in Colorado, writing bylaws, and submitting the 501(c)(3) application to the Internal Revenue Service.

Bassett said she met with the Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors at a directors meeting on April 7 to discuss funding $1,000 for the 501(c)(3) application, and she came away from that meeting with questions that need to be answered before the chamber would agree to fund the application process.

The funding proposal will be resubmitted, she said, after the board’s questions are answered.

Bassett said she would discuss the questions from the Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce board with the Destination Bailey board.

Zdenko Novkovic, a member of the Destination Bailey executive board committee, said the 501(c)(3) status would allow Destination Bailey to go after grant money and also enable it to accept private donations.

The goals of Destination Bailey include improving the quality of life for the community and helping create economic opportunity for the community.

“The whole idea is to be able to make the community self-sustained, on its own,” Novkovic said.

Bassett said she wasn’t sure how long it would take to submit the 501(c)(3) application to the IRS, and she was hesitant to specify a time frame for when the application would be submitted.

“So many things are pending,” she said.

Nailing down board and committees

Novkovic said five committees were created at the March 28 Destination Bailey meeting, and a number of people were temporarily placed on the committees to begin work before an official election can be held.

The board of directors has nine members, four of whom are officers and two of whom are at-large Bailey residence members, who would be people who live in downtown Bailey.

The names of the board members wasn’t available at press time, according to Novkovic.

“The board of directors will oversee the Destination Bailey group activities as a whole,” Novkovic said.

According to the March 28 meeting minutes, the board will be responsible for “by-laws, meeting minutes, newsletters and financial reporting.”

The 501(c)(3) committee was created to apply for the tax-exempt status, according to the meeting minutes, and it will have a budget of $1,000.

A logo committee will be responsible for overseeing the creation of a Destination Bailey logo.

The planning committee will be charged with coming up with ideas for the Destination Bailey group as a whole, he said.

Novkovic said it will act as a sort of steering committee that will brainstorm ideas and improvements to the Bailey area.

The funding committee will be responsible for raising funds for projects, by investigating grant sources, submitting grant requests, and working with Park County officials to secure money.

The members named to the committees aren’t permanent, Novkovic said. The people named to the committees were only put there for a limited time until an election can be held.

He said people who attend the election meeting will be allowed to vote for candidates seeking a position in a certain committee.

That decision was made to get the people out in the community working for a better Bailey.

“Our thoughts were, let's get a board together, lets get involved,” he said.

“In a six month period, people can [vote] who they would like to see on the board,” he said. “Right now it’s nothing more than an interim board.”

Novkovic said he hoped anyone who attends the Destination Bailey meetings would vote, or run, for open board and committee positions.