July 31, 2009

About McGraw Park
To the Editor,

The Flume article on "Destination: Bailey!" on July 24 contains some misstatements:

  • Destination Bailey cannot legally submit a grant to GOCO on behalf of the Park County Historical Society.

  • Destination Bailey is not required to come up with 10 percent of the matching funds of the amount of the grant, (unless they wish to donate that amount to the Historical Society); the Historical Society is required to make that match.

  • Destination Bailey cannot legally present the GOCO grant application before the county commissioners without the presence of a Historical Society board member. Destination Bailey has no authority to bind or cause to bind in any way the Historical Society in any agreements with GOCO or with Park County.

The grant for expanding recreation to McGraw Park must be submitted by the Historical Society because it is the owner of the property and GOCO requires a 25-year agreement with the land owners. The Historical Society must partner with Park County government so the procedures are:

  • Prepare a plan to define the need and use of the grant monies, then prepare the grant application.

  • Present the grant application to the county commissioners for approval as they will apply to GOCO for the grant on behalf of the Historical Society. The Historical Society will partner with Park County for the 25 years as required by GOCO. Park County will prepare that agreement.

  • The grant monies will be passed through the county to an account set up by the Historical Society for distribution to the various contractors hired by the Historical Society.

The Destination Bailey July 24 article in The Flume was premature and not adequately researched.

Arthur Hall,
President, Park County Historical Society