Special Announcement

Summary of Bailey Re-Zoning Meeting
held on Wednesday December 10, 2008
by Zdenko "Z" Novkovic

Some of you may be aware that the county is in the process of rezoning portions of Bailey that are currently referenced as a "rural center" under the Strategic Master Plan and considering of changing the status to a Mixed Use Zone.  Affected property owners within this boundary were notified (required) through the county's referral system (mail) and two meetings were scheduled by the Park County Planning Department to present and discuss current existing conditions and proposed changes.

During the two publicly scheduled meetings the same basic question of defining first the "permitted uses" and then focus on "re-zoning" was discussed. Due to the importance of this issue the Planning Department has postponed the Planning and Commissioner Hearings that were scheduled for January and February respectively.

It was decided that the best way to have more participation was to present this idea during one of the Platte Canyon Chamber meetings. After discussing this topic with Ron Thorne the decision was made to have the Park County Planning Department present this LUR modification at the chamber general meeting to be held on February 10, 2008 beginning at 7:30 am at the Crow Hill Fire Station. I will send another notice out as the date approaches.

I have attached the Land Use Regulation - Article V for those of you who are interested in reviewing the definition of a Mixed Use Zoning and Permitted Uses and two rural center maps of Bailey and Crow Hill for your review of current zoning conditions.

I have also included a comparison of Commercial and Mixed Use Zoning prepared by Bailey resident Louis Gonzalez. 

Commercial and Mixed Use Zoning - A Comparison (new)

Land Use Regulation - Article V
Boundary Map - Bailey Rural Center
Boundary Map - Crow Hill Rural Center

(relatively large files - be patient)

Please mark your calendar and plan to participate in this discussion. If some of you can spread the word about this it would be greatly appreciated as it could impact local business and future growth. Chip of Cutthroat has been notified and hope that other business owners can be made aware of this meeting.

Destination Bailey will make every effort to place this important notice in our upcoming newsletter sometime in January.

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March 12, 2008 - 6:30pm

at Lynwood Park
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