Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce
Tourist Information Kiosk
at Dellwood Square

Under each photo are some of the suggestions we discussed at recent Kiosk Committee meeting.

Conceptual representation only.

Landscaping to include: Large rocks for Shaffer's, foot path, native shrubbery, etc.  Directional signs are needed at end of ramp and on drive to Dellwood Square.  (The Kiosk is almost impossible for tourist to find.) 

Re-stain entire structure, remove all literature, add or replace existing cabinet locks, replace existing chamber sign with aluminum sign using "park-like" colors, i.e. white on brown.

Paint interior of brochure pockets white/cream.  Add suggestion pocket with visitor suggestion forms.  Provide contact information for retailers to add content to the Kiosk.

Repair sagging door, replace Plexiglas on large cabinet replace tack board, insert area map with points of interest and services in the large section.  Use smaller section for current events and index to area map.

Paint interior of brochure pockets.  Use large cabinet for historical information about Bailey to include historical photos.

Explore possibility of solar-powered lighting in overhang.

Keep Lions sign and add logos from other associations including PCACC logo.

Replace with one brown on white aluminum sign.

Keep Lions sign and add logos from other associations including PCACC logo.  Stain footings.

Replace sign.  Provide retailers with tourist information packets to include business discount coupons.

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