Officers & Committees

Board of Directors

Responsible for developing organization By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. Produce and distribute monthly meeting minutes, newsletter, and financial reports.



Linda Henley

Vice President

Bill Kulenburg


Michelle Abbott


Bill Usher


Planning Committee

Responsible for developing plan and milestones for upgrading Kiosk across from Lynwood Park & Knotty Pine, McGraw Park, Route 285 median, Main Street, Public Restrooms, etc.

Michelle Abbott (Lead)

Lyn Kulenberg

Jim Sapp

Dennis Griffin

Lynn Griffin

Helen Cook

Linda Henley

Susan Lambert

Pat Mauro (PCHS)

John Rankin (PCHS)

CDOT Committee

Responsible for coordinating with CDOT

Paula Ward (Lead)

Rom Maningo

Trails Committee

Responsible for developing plan for future trails

Paula Ward (Lead)


Funding Committee

Responsible for raising funds for the projects; investigating grant sources; submitting grant requests; working with Park County officials (including Planning, Economic Development & Tourism, and Park County Commissioners)

Linda Henley

Franie Bassett

Park County Government


Communications Committee

Responsible for recruiting volunteers, soliciting input, communicating Destination Bailey activities to local residents and businesses, and maintaining website.

Lyn Kulenburg

Jim Sapp

Ginny Usher



Supporting Organizations
The following organizations are providing invaluable support to the Destination: Bailey! Project


High Altitude Gardening Society

Park County Community Development & Tourism

Park County Historical Society

Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce

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